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We're sorry to hear that your experience with the product was not postive. Nugenix is not a weight loss supplement, so we are not surprised you did not see significant weight loss. We do not advertise or try to market it as a weight loss supplement. The GNC store rep is not trained to sell the product that way and we're extremely sorry to hear that they told you it would be a good choice as a weight loss supplement.
Saratoga, California
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They claimed it would help in weight loss... I tried if for a month and gained a few pounds...

its an expensive placebo. I wouldnt try it again.

When I went into the GNC store I asked the counter person what would help in weight loss. She immediately suggested Nugenix.

She asked my age and said that I should be able to lose weight quickly and easily. So I signed up. I was talked into buying a membership since it would save 20%. For about $100 I got Nugenix and some other supplement.

I maintained my routine and there was no change whatsoever. I actually gained 3 pounds.

Why would they clain that it would help lose weight?

Its a lie. Just an expensive placebo.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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We should always remember there is no such thing as a "magic pill." We in the US are all about instant gratification and are too quick to jump on the band wagon to try the next wonder supplement. With good marketing, a person off the street could fill capsules with *** and say that it is guaranteed to help you lose 100lbs and there will inevitably be a line of people anxious to try it.