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Julie - Your package was received back today, 2/20, from USPS and you were issued a full refund for this return. We're sorry for any delay, but unfortunately USPS doesn't guarantee the delivery date, so we refunded you as fast as we could once received. If you need any additional help, please don't hesitate to contact us back directly.

I saw commercial for free trial just pay shipping. Sounded good so I ordered one free trial for my husband payed the shipping.

Received the free trial and thought it was done. Well not a week or two goes by, and I receive another bottle in mail. Nugenix total I think. Well that same day I called and spoke to Eugene #625 and told him I didn't order that and didn't want it.

He said in the fine print, if you didn't cancel it would send one every month until I cancelled! He said no problem that I was to tape it closed, write return to sender and write below it some letters and numbers. That you would receive it back in a day or two and within 24 to 48 hrs that my money would go back on my card. Then I asked how much you charged me?

74.00 and change! That was last Saturday I sent it back. It is now the following Saturday no money refunded to my card! I called last Wednesday and Mike said he sees that I shipped it back, but that you haven't received it yet.

What's up I want my refund! Sincerely Julie and Ernest Alfano

Product or Service Mentioned: Nugenix Free Trial.

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