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Your husband signed up for an 18 day trial of Nugenix. At the end of the 18 days, customer who do not cancel are placed into our subscription program. Customers may cancel any time during or after the trial period by calling, emailing, texting us, or by using our online customer portal. We disclose all aspects of the trial program on the checkout page, above the purchase button and require all customers to check a box stating they have read and understand these terms. We also include the terms in the email receipt and we send a series of reminder emails before the trial period ends. We show you phoned in, your account was canceled and you were issued return instructions. We also show that your account has been fully refunded. If you need additional help please contact us directly at 855-714-3234
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You guys sent us more pills we didn't ask u for more we only bought one and u sent a nother bottle and charged my card 74.98 like really my son was left with no birthday party because of you PPl thanks a lot

Reason of review: Not as described.

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