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Cycle off

I’m 45 years old this is my first time taking any kind of testo booster , I’m about to finish my first bottle of neugenix ultimate and I feel the difference, I feel great , what would happen if I don’t do the cycle off , thanks


Nugenix ultimate

What is the reason for cycling


Nugenix maxxx

What will happen if you accidentally take a double dose of nugenix maxxx?


You will be fine and shouldn’t experience and side effects from a one time double dose. We would not recommend regularly doing this though.


Need Big quantities, where Can i Contact for that

Hi There,

I want to order Nugenix Ultimate testosterone Booster.

I want 2 boxes every can i order?

Please guide me regarding this .

I m more interested in all of your products ..

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Nugent dosage

I have high blood pressure. If I take 2 Nugenix pills instead of 3 in the morning would that prevent me from getting full results of the product. I've been taking Nugenix for 7 months now.


You can always try, but we can’t say for certain. It takes 3 pills to hit the clinically studied dose of the ingredients. So taking 2 might work for you, but we don’t have clinical data to support us giving you that answer.


Nugenix with other meds

Can I take Nugenix with a beta blocker. (metoprolol)


We always recommend consulting with your prescribing physician before combining any supplements with an ongoing prescription regimen.


NUGENIX Free Testerone Boster Dosage for diabatic patient

i m diabatic patient i take medicine before brake fast can i take it with diabatic medicine or i can take it before lunch


It would be perfectly fine to take it 20-30 minutes before you eat your lunch.



Do I take nugenix ultimate and nugenix estro- regulator together in morning on empty stomach?


Yes, you an take them together or if it is easier for you, you can space them out a little and take the estro regulator later in the day



It says 3 on an empty stomach daily.Do I take 3 at one time or split the dosage to 1 pill 3x a day?


We recommend taking them all at once


I've been taking this product for over 6 months and the people at G.N.C told me the best way is to take the 3 together on an empty stomach in the morning when you get up, it's Been the best way for me, I've tried to take them in 3 doses and it just doesn't seem to work the same,Hope this was some help,I wondering the same thing when I first started this product


Nugenix and cycling

I just finished my first month taking the regular version of Nugenix. I am switching to Nugenix ultimate. Should I take 2-4 weeks off before starting ultimate or can I start right away?


You can start right away. You only need off cycles in between uses of Ultimate. You can go from Free Test to Ultimate and back to Free Test without an off cycle


Still billed after canceling

I canceled my order last month and today my account has been billed for another bottle. What further action can I take?


If you received a shipment that you do not want, please give us a call at 855-714-3234 and we’d be more than happy to help you.


cancel order

How do stop receiving your product? I no longer would like to receive your product please take me off your mailing list


Kurt – Your account has been canceled. Should you need any assistance in the future, please contact us directly by calling 855-714-3234


Take a cycle off

Do you recommend not taking a cycle off?? I am on my 2nd month of taking Nugenic.


We do recommend cycling Nugenix Ultimate. In your off cycles you can use another product like Nugenix Free Test, Maxx, Estro, or our Test Multi. Our other products do not need cycled and were designed for continuous use.


It's fine

Iwss calling because it said my card could not be accepted. I'm checking to see if its activated.


Hi Brian - It does appear the card you attempted to use was declined. If you can give us a call at 855-714-3234 we’d be more than happy to help you retry it and make sure there were no errors.



Do you take the capsules three times a day?


Yes. At one time


For Nugenix Free Testosterone, the recommend dose is 3 capsules daily, all at once, in the morning.


Nugenix Ultimate

The instructions for Nugenix Ultimate say that after 1 month, stop for 2 to 4 weeks...won't my T count dramatically lower again? Also, the Manager at the GNC store said that if I take Nugenix Estro-Regulator, I don't need to stop, is this correct? Thanks


Yes, we recommend taking 2-4 week breaks in between Ultimate cycles. During those breaks you can use any of our other Nugenix products such as Free Test Booster, Maxx, Estro-regulator, or our test multi.

We do recommend stacking Ultimate with Estro-regulator for maximum benefit, however you will still need to cycle off Ultimate for 2-4 weeks, even when combining. You won’t have to cycle off Estro though.


free trial offer

need to opt out of my enrollment from free trial offer.


Eddie - your account has been canceled. Please don’t hesitate to contact us back directly if you need any further assistance.


Accidental additional dose.

I'm not sure if I took my 3 Nugenix this morning, so I took 3 at dinner. Is this safe?

Could I overdose? Please advise me on what to do..Thanks Sean T.


Hi Sean - You will be fine. Your body will process out the extra B vitamins that you couldn’t absorb.

In regards to the Testofen, you simply ended taking more than you needed to get the benefit of the product. So while we don’t recommend regularly taking 6, if it happens once or twice, you don’t have anything to worry about


Test ?

Testosterone booster can I take all three pills at once it says take three a day with water on an empty stomach but does not say if I could take all three at the same time or do I have to take one by one throughout the day


Hi – We recommend taking all 3 at once.



should I take it on my off day


Nugenix was designed to be taken daily, including workout and non-workout days


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