Miami, Florida

I'm a woman and I found your commercial for your product incredibly sexist. You can advertise for this product without objectifying women and without him taking off his belt.

I found everything he did completely unnecessary. She needed car help. He didn't need to *** his belt. It's 2015.

Sexually suggestive commercials should be wiped off the face of the planet. Thanks and have a terrible day

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Lady are you for real it's a Comercial you don't like it to bad sex sells get over yourself


Must be a successful advertisement

Palm Harbor, Florida, United States #1046641

Sexist? People don't you have anything better to do in this country?

It's a commercial they pay for it they can do whatever they want. Go get a life!


A *** always got something to say about what men do. Ed don't say nothing when you all make those male bashing *** movies


Shut the front door, this ain't about you! The fact that you're seeing this ad says you feel the need to boost your testosterone.

I am sick of crumbs like you telling men they should become women. Stop reading the men's health section if objectifying offends you or better yet, GET A LIFE!