I started using the product as directed about three weeks ago and was initially happy with some body fat loss and muscle toning. However after 1st week I found I was getting extremely tired throughout the day and unable to concentrate at work.

I would get headaches in the afternoon and my resistance seems to have lowered since as soon as I exercise I begin to feel flu-like symptoms the next day and am too fatigued to workout on consecutive days. I continued using the product hoping for a change in energy to take place as some of your reviews suggested. That never happened and I've had to cut back on exercising after 3 weeks of using the product.

It has also significantly affected my thinking at work (very cloudy), cannot continue to use.

I will try and find an alternative to Nugenix.

Reason of review: Disapointed product had issues.

Location: Port-Of-Spain, Port-Of-Spain

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