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Matthew – Our records show you emailed us after making this posting and that your account was canceled. Your monthly charge from that day was refunded and you monthly shipment was pulled. Should you need additional help, please contact us directly at 855-714-3234

Signed up for a free sample then got charged $74.98 and they're saying that after 18 days you get put into a monthly subscription I'm sorry but it hasn't been 18 days from what I read from the other reviews. you charged my account without my consent.

I agreed the free sample but not the $74.98 this is total BS.

Thanks to Nugenix doing this to me it over-drafted my bank account so course I'm going to have to pay more money because they took money out of my account without my consent. My email is this needs to be resolved immediately.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nugenix Supplement Free Trial.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Location: 913 W 2900 S MS 730, Salt Lake City, UT 84119, USA

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