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You fill out all the information required so that you may receive you "free 14 Day Trial" of the product. Then they tell you they want $4.99 for shipping and then!

they want your Credit Card Number! They can kiss my acre! If I could buy this through Amazon, someone I trust, I would do it. But, maybe this is just my good fortune saving me from entering in to a contract with these people (Nugenix) whose goal (after all) is to "***" people off.

The girl on the phone there sounded very nice, but she's probably nasty.

Why do we have to write 100 words?

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Santa Ana, California, United States #950726

They did the same thing to me. Just got off the phone with them...they said, "Oh, just return to sender." Who am I?

Elvis Presley? Come on...but I am doing it...and Drew, the dingbat fellow on the line said once returned, they would refund my $69.99.

During the trial, I noticed no changes...other than waking up with a morning-wood...like I was 20 years old again.