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WHAT A SCAMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Asked 4 times, not once, but 4 times in blatant english whether i was being enrolled in auto-pay, I was assured there was no auto-pay whatsoever.....so...

I give my credit card info for a "free trial" just to pay for shipping. Within 45 seconds of the gentleman having my credit card info I was informed I was now enrolled in a $75 a month auto pay. I instantly said I wanted to cancel. I was then told to do so that I would need to contact another facility to do so...

So I did. After being charged and having to take 30 minutes or likely 45 to cancel an auto-payment that I was ASSURED I was not signing up for, I waited 7 weeks and I never received a sample.

Upon calling, I was told it was because I cancelled the auto-payment too early, mind you I was told I wasn't signing up for one, that to get my six dollar refund, that the request had to be transferred to another facility. Long story short, no free trial, no refund, no return call, what a scam

Reason of review: SCAM.

Monetary Loss: $6.

I didn't like: Wow, Scam.

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if you read the disclaimer right under the "complete you order " button it's says you don't have any obligation to pay as along as you cancel autoshipping within 18 days, but I'm sry to hear the produc was not any good was hoping to try !


Good luck trying to cancel on autoship. Phone # doesn't work!

you need to get billed and then protest it---Scam