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Did not work at all | Nugenix review

Larry – It appears we received the email you send a few hours after making this posting. We canceled your account at your request and issued you return instructions and information on our money back guarantee in order to get a full refund. If you need any additional help, please don’t hesitate to contact us back directly.
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Not as described/ advertised

Took the entire bottle that was a free trial sample pack and it did not affect me at all then I was shipped a new bottle unbeknownst to me then they charge my credit card and so I challenged that with my credit card company so I need to send your product back to you

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I canceled my order after free sample | Nugenix review

Leroy – We show your account was canceled when you phoned into us, about 5 minutes after making this posting. We also show the representative was able to void your monthly shipment as well. As it stands now, your account has been canceled and you will not be billed or shipped anything other than the original trial. Should you need any additional help, please don’t hesitate to contact us back directly.
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I canceled after free sample..one guys took 74.98 out my account i can't afford that...

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Free trial Nugenix

Derek – Your account has been canceled. You will not be shipped or billed anything other than your original trial. Please don’t hesitate to contact us back directly if you wish to reorder or reactivate in the future. Our number is 855-714-3234
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Good quality

I got my Nugenix free trial and so far I like it. I want to cancel the auto ship though.

I am just going to buy as I can. The finances are tight right now and I don't want charges on my card every few weeks. My name is Derek TenEyck at 5136 Palo Alto Circle, Sparks, NV 89436. Email is dtct7072@att.net.

Please confirm that you are cancelling the auto renew of this product. Thank you

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The product is great but i do not need it sent so often so i need to cancel my subscription. | Nugenix review from New Orleans, Louisiana

Kevin – We’re very glad to hear you liked our product. Your account was canceled yesterday when we received your emailing requesting to be cancel your account. If you need any additional help, please don’t hesitate to call or email us back directly.
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Please cancel my subscription

my name is:

Kevin Turner


Thanks Great Product

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Don't work for me at all, I'm sorry. | Nugenix review

We’re sorry to hear that it didn’t work for you, but our product is not designed to treat ED unfortunately. We’re glad you were able to get a refund under our satisfaction guarantee, which is why we offer this feature. We would however, recommend consulting with your physician if you are looking for something to treat your ED.
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Bad quality

I have a bad erectile disfunction problem.

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Billing | Nugenix review from Orlando, Florida

George – We do show you called several months ago, Aug 2018, and canceled your account. However, you ordered again on Feb 21st, 2019. This is the first communication we have received from you since ordering again a few weeks ago. We have canceled your account for you and also stopped your pending charge for your upcoming monthly shipment. You are now canceled and will not receive a monthly shipment. Please contact us back directly if you need any additional assistance
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Problems with payment

To whom it may concern, I would appreciate a response to this email because there was a charge on my banck acct from you all that shouldn't be I did not authorize any payment to be taking out of my account for anything. I requested a free trail a few weeks ago and the only charge it required was $4.00 for shipping so how is it I get charged $74 dollars out of my account, I called a few months back to request my card to be removed and that I no longer wanted to receive any more nutrigenix products so why is my card still on file to be chargde??

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I have been taking one ultimate nugenix tablet per day for months with no off time. Is that harmful?

Thank you for being a Nugenix customer. While we always recommend taking the suggested dose, which in this case is 4 tablets daily, taking 1 tablet daily continuously, should not pose any problems for you.
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No complaints. Just want to know if it raises estrogen or if it's harmful or just a bad idea.

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Resolved: Unresponsive | Nugenix review

William – We’re sorry you had an issue getting through to us. Our records show that you phoned into and spoke with a representative about 4 minutes after making this post. We show they were able to help you cancel your account with us. If you need any additional help or wish to return a product, please don’t hesitate to contact us back directly.
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Update by user Mar 31, 2019

After posting this, I tried contacting them again and got thru. They cancelled the account as requested and credited my account when the product was returned

Original review posted by user Mar 01, 2019

I have emailed and tried calling to get information from them. No response although I did get the shipment (and the bill) I was trying to avoid.

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Issue not resolved | Nugenix review

Ronnie – We’re very sorry you were not able to process your order and had a poor experience. After reviewing your account, it appears your card was declined by our fraud filtering due to the card type. We’ve had recent issues with fraud and our payment processer does not allow us to process certain card typed and it appears the card you tried to use fell into one of those buckets. If you would like to try again with a different card, we’d be more than happy to try and help you process an order.
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I made a call to customer service and they could not resolve my issue with trying to pay with a PayPal debit card sooo with that being said I would not recommend this to none of my friends or family

2 SAMPLES, 1 CANCELLATION | Nugenix review

I received a sample of both the original product and total while also purchasing the vitamins, which taste terrible. I called to cancel both, but she only cancelled one. I immediately returned the product. Called yesterday and had to give the tracking number which they do not note and you must give each call. They've had the product since the 15th without a refund. Called yesterday and was told any further delay would be my banks process time. Just got off the phone with my bank and no attempt has been made to send my money back. If this doesn't deserve a proper expedited refund then nothing does. Terrible customer service and over 30 minutes spent on the phone with nothing but bull and repeatedly asking for the tracking # though it's been there for 11 days now. Don't mess around with "free" samples!
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